How to drive [huge] traffic through Disqus Comment System

Lately these days, most of the blogs have shifted to Disqus comment system from the conventional or CommentLuv. Disqus commenting system is very efficient in handling conversational comments and is free from spamming. The person has to login through Google, Facebook or enter his details before being able to comment. So, any blog owner only wishing healthy and non-spammy comments are going for Disqus these days. 

For one of my blog, I was trying some comments over various websites/blogs and found that almost all were having Disqus and in the process, also noticed that Disqus can drive huge traffic to your blog if used correctly. So, in this article I will show you how to drive huge traffic through Disqus Comment System to your blog. 

First thing which you want to do is make a list of the blogs that are famous and have Disqus comment system. It's better to choose highly popular websites rather than an average one. If you are going for it, go for big. 

Next, once you have compiled the list in the process of driving traffic to your blog through Disqus Comment System, find articles on that blog that are recent and is somewhat related to article which you want to promote. 

Now, Disqus Comment system allows you to put links in it through anchor tag. Write a short about 100 words comment in such a way that linking your blog in it through the anchor tag looks natural. Once done, submit the comment, and you are done. 

Important things to remember while commenting

  • In process of driving traffic to your blog through Disqus comment system, you must follow some of the commenting etiquette.

  • Make sure you comment at the earliest on any post. Try to be the first one to comment. Being the first one will bring much more traffic than ending up later in the list. However, if you missed it do not worry, these blogs are highly engaging and will still drive traffic to your blog. 

  • Be genuine. Do not comment just for the sake of a back link or traffic. For each Disqus comment, the blog owner receives a notification and there are high chances he notices the link. So, be contextual and yes, be genuine. 

  • Anchor tags can be used in this way.

      <a href="link">Anchor tag</a>

  • Choose only very high traffic sites, and prefer news sites. Stick to your niche. 

Some websites requires moderation. If you are commenting in a contextual way, there are very low chances of your comment being deleted. So, don't worry. 

And the last thing, do not forget to upvote your own comment. Also, if you maintain more than one Disqus account, up vote from the other one too. You can even ask your friends to do the same. It will keep you on top in the discussion. 

Here's a screenshot of a day of traffic to one of my niche blog, where I just commented on 3-4 blogs of my niche.

You can drive huge traffic to your blog if you do it right and for long. There is a huge potential in using Disqus Comment System to reach to readers. Also, the traffic coming through it is highly targeted. 

Next, your words. What do you think, will it work for you? Give it a try, return back here and tell me yes, it worked.

Note: I didn't see any SEO benefit by building backlinks through Disqus. So, use it for the purpose of driving traffic only.

ambarish kumar

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  1. Great article and helpful advice. Cheers!

    1. Thanks mate, hope it will help you to drive some more traffic to your blog.

  2. Detail Explanation about Disqus and thanks for sharing the anchor text format. Here I found free training teaches, how to drive organic traffic to the blog.