How to Submit your Sitemap to Google.

Sitemap is a way of telling  Google about pages of your website that Google might not discover.

Submitting your sitemap to Google ensures faster indexing of your blog's web pages. Here's a step by step description of submitting sitemap to Google.

▌ Creating a sitemap. 

There are various third party websites that will create sitemap for you. Google them. You may use to create sitemap for your blog.

There is a default sitemap associated with bloggers and WordPress blogs. If you are a new-bie and do not wanna go into complications of creating a sitemap, you can follow these steps to get your sitemap.

Lets say your blog is
To get the sitemap, type in the address bar

Creating sitemap for your blog
Sitemap for your blog.

You can see the sitemap listed on the page. This is your sitemap.

▌ Submitting your sitemap to Google.

You can submit your sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster tool.

♦ Login to your webmaster account here. If you don't have one, create an account.

You need to have your blog verified before you can submit your sitemap.

♦ Choose the blog for which you want to submit the sitemap.

♦ In the left panel select Optimization > sitemaps. At the right most corner, you will see an option of Add/test Sitemap.

▌ For a new blogger.

Google crawls web from one links to another. So, if you have a new blog and there is not proper interlinking (which is most likely true for a new blogger), then submitting your sitemap is a good step, since you ask Google to index your pages individually.

If you have any more tips and tricks regarding sitemap, do share with us in comments.


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